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Change Career? Find out why I have taken this journey

My name is James and let me give you a very brief summary about me to find out why I want to change career.  Maybe by reading this story you see a little part of yourself in it? If, so this is great. This blog could even help you in your journey to change career.

A little bit about me: Pop Quiz type thing.

Favourite Films: To many to mention. Probably 'The Transporter' (The first one before they ruined them) Fast & Furious (Excluding Tokyo Drift), followed closely by Road House. Though I did enjoy 'The best of me' strangely enough the other day. I turned to my wife whilst watching it and said ' why aren't you crying, what's wrong with you?' As I struggled to hold back the blubs.

Favourite Cartoon: Disney’s Robin Hood

Favourite TV show: I do like EastEnders (sorry). Any documentary. Love my fact shows. Loving The Curse of Oak Island.

Favourite TV Boxset: It was X-Files, then Spartacus, then Walking dead, then Breaking bad, then Vikings, then Black Sails, then The Last Kingdom, now it's The Iron Fist.

Favourite Drink: Tea, followed very closely by Coca-Cola.

Favourite Alcoholic Drink: Anything sweet. Probably go for vodka redbull, or an ice cold guiness. Truth is I don't really drink.

Favourite Food: Monster Munch (Beef flavour)

What three foods would you be happy to live on forever:
1. Bacon roll
2. Monster Munch (Beef)
3.  A Walls Twister.

Favourite Song: Gold (Spandau Ballet)

Favourite Band: Jeff Healey Band.

3 People I would like to go on a stag weekend with. 
1. Brian Blessed
2. Oliver Reed
3. Paul Denan (He would kick off, and it would be funny)

Hobbies: I collect football shirts. I have over 700 at last count. My wife hates it because apparently it takes up space. My argument about increase value with age doesn’t appear to be working. Get a hobby she said! Here are some pics so you can make your own judgement whether or not this is 'my shame'. This is a small amount. I have a stock number spreadsheet and have tagged them all!


classic football shirts


Classic football shirts


Classic football shirts


Party Trick: I can make a sound that sounds like a water droplet that echoes. Amazing as everyone tries it and looks like a fish.

I can also sound like the announcer on X-factor. The neighbours probably don’t like this. Random loud announcements of ‘Sam Bailey’ and ‘Olly Murs’ at sporadic moments.

Weird stuff I have done (In hindsight): When I first met my wife, Spanish was her first language. We, or should I put it (I) thought It would be fun to watch the X-Files boxset. 210 episodes = 210 days.

Things I wished happened, that nearly did: For my wedding I wanted the Song from Scott and Charlene’s wedding (Neighbours), and my brothers best man speech to be Bill Pulmans speech from ‘Independence day’. Believe it or not, both nearly happened. My wife pulled the plug last minute. Gutted.

What people would probably say I do a lot: Laugh and sarcasm.


A shortish chronology of my life so far. 

I grew up in a small town in Somerset not quite in the middle of nowhere, but pretty close. I have to say I do like Somerset very much, and it still feels very much like my home. It’s a different pace of life down that neck of the woods. It’s odd when I go back sometimes, as people actually say ‘good morning’ to you, even though you have no idea who they are. Spending a lot of time in London, this is always a strange thing to get used to, as usually if a stranger talks to you in London an air of suspicion follows quickly after. Did the usual stuff, GCSE’s and A-levels at a public school close to the town where I lived. Though nobody believes me when I tell them I went to public school.  If I am honest, I didn’t really fit in so to speak, though I had some likeminded pals who lived locally, and I can probably relate my teenage years as a cross between ‘The Inbetweeners’ and the film ‘Superbad’. I was the skinny sensible one!
Life was simply a case of do your best in your exams, and so I strived to get the best grades I could. It was a bit of shock when I got top in the country for my History A-levels for one the exams. I was predicted a D. Though I think the proving a certain teacher wrong had something to do with this massive improvement. I was always good ish at history despite the lack of faith some people seemed to garner me with.


In 1998 It was off to University of Exeter in Devon. I know right! Massive change of scenery! I started off doing combined History & Ancient history, as I didn’t quite get the grades to do straight History. I struggled with the ancient history somewhat as you needed to know a bit of Latin and a bit of Greek. I sadly knew absolutely nothing of either. Which led to me plucking up the courage to see the head of the department. My issue was that I couldn’t seem to pronounce anything, which subsequently meant I couldn’t spell it. Apparently, unbeknown to me, this was the worst excuse anyone had ever presented the head with. However, I was able to go onto straight history. I was being totally serious though, and in hindsight I still think I made a good argument for it.
University was fun, as it often is in the UK, and I can quite honestly say it brought me out of my shell. (I was a bit quiet at school) More of an observer than talker. People find this difficult to believe now!
So after the 3 years of studying  I left University with a degree in history. In hindsight I should probably have realised that this was not the only thing needed to gain employment. Problem was I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My life consisted of ‘just getting through' GCSEs, A-Levels and my degree. Sat back home in Somerset was a bit of an anti-climax. What now?? I applied for a number of generic graduate jobs, had a few interviews with M&S, HMV and the like. Wasn’t terribly impressed with the music quiz I had to take at HMV. My issue was that surely that’s what the database was for. I did get the composer correct for ‘who composed dancing with wolves?’ and most of the pop questions. I think back in early 2000 it was a case of just get a job. Though I kind of wish I had a bit more guidance during my university years. Instead of holiday internships I was back in Somerset working in factories. Though some of my happiest and funniest memories involved these jobs. Health and Safety has come a long way!!

In 2003 I moved to London to embark on a career I had no interest at all in doing, or even contemplated a year previous or indeed ever in my life. I think it was a case of ‘you just have to get a job’ type advice, oh, and a girlfriend who lived in London. You have to be a top class salesperson to persuade a Londoner to move out of London, especially to Somerset! So I did. I got a job. The next couple of years really I can’t recall much happening. I moved a number of times in London, eventually finding myself living in Wimbledon. I do like Wimbledon. I did however know that this career wasn’t right for me, but I was simply in the mind-set to get on with it instead of thinking about how I could change careers. 'Life could be worse' type mind-set prevailed. The longer you leave it though, the more impossible it seems.


I have chunked in 2009-2013 as 2009 was the time I met my now wife. It was love at first sight, and I have never met anyone I get on with as much then and even now. It wasn’t until I met her that I felt like I had the support to change career. It culminated in moving out of London and going to live with my brother in Hertfordshire. It was meant to be a temporary thing, but it lasted 4 years, in the meantime we got married. Oh, I also did a number of Hypnotherapy courses in this time period. I am officially an advanced hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner on paper. The course helped me in way understand myself better as it was heavily psychology based. I was not overly confident you could make a career of it. I am pretty sure I could now with the digital marketing skills I have learned. Funnily enough, one person on my course appears to be doing very well out of it.


My wife and I bought our first house in Bedfordshire. (Seemed to be moving further and further away from work) Now I feel settled and grounded, this has given me time to think, organise my thoughts and take stock about what I want. It’s since 2013 I have really been thinking about how to change career. I have slowly been creeping towards a change of career, and it definitely feels more possible, but I know I have a long way to go if I am able to change career. A lot of soul searching took place in the last 2 years. I was determined to examine different careers/professions to see which I would like to do.


Change Career: So what career change am I seeking?

Well I am drawn to digital marketing. I enjoy reading about it and find the concepts and strategy comes quite naturally to me. Also my current role in my job is very similar to the strategies involved in digital marketing. Research, analysis and evaluation.
So this is how this blog materialised. It was two-fold really. On the one hand I wanted to keep a diary of my thoughts and feelings, and make myself accountable for the change. Secondly, I can use the blog to practice the digital marketing mix, such as SEM, Content Marketing, Online PR, Social Media channels etc. That way I have something to show potential employers what I can do.
I have also started a CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing which is amazing, and I am really enjoying the learning from this course. I now feel 100% ready to change career.


Change Career





  1. Great journey. Can understand how you feel. I’m 46, with 3 kids( no longer babies at 27, 26,18). I’ve been in sales, marketing, management, entrepreneurship and executive management. The earth shattering moment when life changes happened a few months ago. I’ve always had goals…maybe because I’m just driven to do more, be more, live more, give more. One thing is sure in this world, and I’ve tested this dle-theory many times…create your opportunity and execute. It’s my action mantra, and its focused on you getting to the best you. Finally, that earth shattering moment happened and I’m on pause..no one can press the forward button but me. My vision is clearing now and soon the wounded soldier will be back to the battle front…

  2. Thanks for your kind words Donna-Luisa. I am learning more and more about myself as time goes on. I have come a long way in a just a few short weeks. I hope you are successful in your own journey.

  3. Hi James. I was really interested to read your blog after you made contact via Twitter. I’ve been going through the exact same thing as you and it’s always good to hear other people’s experiences as it makes you feel normal rather than singularly tormented and left with feelings of failure.
    I’m a 37 yr old landscape architect and although I’ve never hated my profession I’ve often, very often, had days of dread at going into the office. The long hours, high stress… After running the Dubai landscape office of a large international company my stress levels were through the roof. I was working 80+ hours a week and surviving on pure adrenaline, I barely got to see my husband let alone my friends. Something had to change. The thoughts of turning my back on a career I’d chosen for myself at 11 yrs old was utterly terrifying (I even chose my GCSEs to get me the right A levels for the uni course I wanted!), I’d spent my whole life focusing on landscape, how could I throw it away?! Ultimately I had to for the sake of my sanity and my health. I’ve always loved animals and dogs are the one thing I’d always had an obsession with so I decided that was going to be my focus, the one thing that could really give me a chance of happiness. We moved back to the UK in November 2014 but my determination to land home and open dog daycare was quashed by frustratingly fruitless search for the right premises. As an alternative I’ve started Barkers Pet Services, my own little pet care business. We’re new but our client base is growing and I’m feeling hopeful… and determined. It’s been scary, I’ve had terrible self doubt, I’ve had concerns over money (going from having a very comfortable wage to practically zero) but I do think it’ll be worth it. I’m already happier so that’s an achievement in itself.
    One thing that really helped me was my discovery of a website 4 years ago called careershifters.com. It’s a great team of people offering support and advice to those of us stuck in work we hate and desperate to change, have a look if you haven’t already.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your journey – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    • Hi Janet
      Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Its nice to hear peoples own experiences, as it doesn’t make it seem such a daunting and overwhelming task. I have seen and viewed the careershifters website, and it certainly does give one motivation to see others have successfully transitioned. Wish you all the best. James

  4. Congratulations on the awakening, James. 🙂 Don’t ever feel like you’re starting behind everyone else just because you’re older. Life experience gives one a great head start! Thank you for the follow. I’ve followed you back and am looking forward to your posts!

    • Thanks Sandy. That means a lot. Sorry for the lack of posts and the late reply. Have been ultra busy on this quest. I have some blog posts coming up with that very apology, and reasons why I have been a bit lapse on the blog front. It will be a bit more step-by-step, as I feel I am loosing that part of the blog. Insights are great, but the purpose was to almost have a lasting blueprint where people could see hope if they feel lost. 🙂

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