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Throughout this journey, I have so far met some truly amazing people who have commented on my blog, or I have met on social media channels. Some of these folks are in the same boat as me and are trying to change careers. It's important to know that everyone you meet can give you renewed strength and career change advice. I have been in contact with many people who have for example made me realise that I have career change transferable skills that I can bring to the table. That was brilliant to know, and I would not have been so confident realising this without talking to people who have been through it, or professionally are aware of it. A midlife career change is difficult situation to navigate, and it doesn't matter if you want a career change at 30, at 40, or even a career change at 50, it's always uncomfortable. The reason I say this, is that it's not just your career your changing, it's everything about you, and you are well at truly jettisoned out of your comfort zone. I have learned to no longer fear this, but to embrace it. I have known that it is time to change jobs for a long time and fear held me back. I have known for years the reasons why I have to change jobs and the important decision 'should I change jobs?'

So if you feel like getting in contact as your thinking of changing jobs, or you are in the process, then please do so. Happy to link with you and have a conversation.

Please feel free to check out my career change blog, where I have been blogging my thoughts and insights of this change journey into digital marketing.


Please feel free to ping me a message! 🙂

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